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What's the story with CMAC Models?

Back in 2011 I was a man with a very strange plan: To be the first person mad enough to get a Morris Ital saloon to the market. Today, the Ital is just the first chapter in a whole catalogue of weird and wondeful models.

A few years ago, I developed an interest in the Airfix Modern Cars series which brought a whole host of classic cars to life in 1/32.

What started as a mild interest turned into a bit of an obsession and a few years later I was sitting there, surrounded by the kits I had dreamed of thinking "what next"?

Well, that is where CMAC Models came into the equation, to fill the gaps that had been left by Airfix many decades ago.

It all started with an Ital, which was never likely to be a sales hit but surprised everyone involved in the project as it found a market amongst the lovers of all things bizarre car on the internet. Consequently, I was able to use my experience from the Ital project to push on and fill some all important gaps. Subsequently I have produced  Commer Vans, Ford Capris, Darsun Sunnys and Morris Marina variants.

Where next? Well, keep your eyes peeled on the news and product development tab but my aim over the next couple of years is to keep on  releasing previously unmodelled  cars in 1/32 scale. Using the success of my previous models I have been able to invest in more complicated models and I have a couple of very exciting projects in the works!


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